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Friday, February 18, 2011

Back in the day...

haha I found an old pic from back in 2009 when my best friend came to visit. We were so young.  I remember we used to have sleepovers all the time. lol It was so fun. We would be in her awesome blue and green room with white hibiscus flowers painted here and there, sitting on the bed or relaxing on the floor, listening to Jump5 songs, making beadling creatures, drawing dragons and griffins, and just have a lovely time. At night we would grab blankets, get in front of the TV and watch random movies that I loved. In the summers we would go out in her backyard or mine and either catch little butterflies and jump on the trampoline, or sit under the appletree for a little picnic. She used to have a cat. A pretty black one. Then when they had to give her away, they got some birds. Parakeets. I had parakeets, and she loved them so much, she got her own. :) We used to want to be dolphin trainers sharing an apartment in CA, perhaps having a greenhouse full of lovely plants. We were in a gardening class together and had a passion for growing things. She had pots of lovely succulents and cacti and plants that eat bugs, we had aloe vera plants from the class, she planted and successfully grew an apple tree. I should see how it is doing... haha =)  I love this girl. She is such a godly, beautiful, fun-loving, talented girl. She is only a couple months younger than me, and I really love her to pieces.  (btw, in the pic we were being 'cool' haha =D)


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