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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ponderings of a 17 year old

Hello. My name is Kirstin Rose. I am 17 years, 9 months, 25 days, and unfortunately my mother does not remember the time at the moment, so I cannot finish the intro of myself that is used for characters in Pushing Daisies, an awesome, adorable, strange TV series that was discontinued a while back. But, it is alright. The year and month are the only ones we need. x) 
I have changed so much this year, I am a bit annoyed. I have finally settled on a style of fashion, I have gained some knowledge of interior design and what looks good, plus what I like, I have finished 2 4/6 years of highschool, have decided I am moving away from Maryland when I graduate and have the money to do so, and I have also decided and undecided, and decided again (and the like) to travel. Yep. I said I was going to go around American interning with photographers, but I believe that perhaps taking a photography course or two at a college would give me what I need to do better at my work, and I could do what I love: travel. Yes, sir. You heard me, travel. I love moving. I love traveling. I have done it all my life. I wasn't 2 years old, basically, when we moved from my birth state, to Europe for 5 years. We traveled all over in Europe, visiting about 18 countries during that time. I would do it all over again, if I could. Moving to new places excites me. New people, new atmosphere, weather type, church, a new house to get used to, a new room to decorate. I love it. Always have, and I think I always will. Earlier today I was going through picture folders on my hard drive, and I came to the realization that I love traveling and taking pictures of what I see. I absolutely love travel photography. I would be one of the happiest photographers alive if I were given the opportunity of traveling the world to experience new cultures, styles, foods, and people. To eat the nummy things they make, and take pics of everything. Oh yes. So, my friend and I are very much interested and trying to plan a trip to France and Italy, if we can. It may not happen, but we both have determination that might make it a reality. We will see. :) We would drive around in a small colorful car, driving by fields of lavender and vineyards, try all the pastries in Paris, tour different castles, make little videos of us skipping around in knee-length dresses with no shoes on, and more. It would be simply divine. :)   But for now, I give you a picture or two from England. The girls there are simply stunning. And they have a cute sense of style. Just saying... 


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