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Vintage Collection

My younger brother and I have started a collection. A vintage item collection. We both developed an interest in these things around the same time, and started hunting for them just recently. We visited an amazing vintage store we would have loved to relocate in Maryland, and found two wonderful, vintage cameras we fell in love with.

The first is a lovely foldex 20 by Pho Tak, 1954 camera. +

It has that amazing paper thing you can fold inside the camera and close up. So neat!  

 The second is my baby, an Inperial Debonair from 1960. I loooove it.
I <3 that classic 60s look it has. =)

To use it, you must transfer a roll of 120 film onto a 620 roll in complete darkness. NO light, no exception. Load it into this little guy, and after a couple steps I am still figuring out, it is ready to shoot by clicking that red button on the bottom, then rolling the film to the next pic. So cool. =D

 We are eagerly visiting other antique shops to find more cameras. Thankfully cameras made back then were made to last, and they need no battery. Just film. Too awesome. =D
Let our antique-hunt begin!

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