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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Worthy11 {Bittersweet Senior Year}

This past weekend my friends and I spent our days and nights at our church's youth retreat on the coast. From Thursday afternoon to Monday morning, we ate together, played crazy, messy games together, prayed and did devotions together, listened to wonderful, inspiring messages, ate ice cream, went tubing, zip-lining and swinging, and just chilled together. It was the best year I have experienced at Worthy. I never knew what to expect as a senior this time, and it was much better than I could have guessed.
As older classmen we have the privilege to lead and encourage those younger than us with the way we behave towards each other, how we choose to obey the Lord and use our words, and the lifestyle we ultimately reflect every day.
I personally don't think the younger ones have much to look up to when they see me. I certainly don't always hang out with the 'cool crowd', wear the 'in style' clothes, do my hair nice (it's impossible to do much with thin, wavy hair in this weather besides chop it off, which is what I did), or anything like that. I'm just me. Kirstin Rose deWeber, the 18 year old senior, pixie cut, friends with the dancers and huggers, worker at Baskin Robbins, singer since before I could talk, watcher of design shows and House, girl with 3 brothers and zero sisters, owner of a large Message version of the Bible with a crazy cover. I'm just me. Nothing great. The thing is, though, I serve a Great and Awesome God. No one can come close to comparing to Him, and I am grateful for the many opportunities I have every day to honor and obey him with all my heart. I don't always do those, but with His grace and help every day I somehow manage to make at least one person smile. If not from my clumsiness in words or actions, then from the reflection of Him.
And if I had a choice to spend the rest of my days a popular, rich gal with all the right things, or a faithful servant behind the scenes helping to change at least one life, I would choose the second one.
I truly love my Savior, and I find it so amazing that He chose me, of millions in this world, to be his servant and tool. I was chosen by the Creator of the universe before time was ever made, before the sun started to shine, to serve the Master of all till the end of days and beyond. And it makes me smile. :)
Other people may scoff at our seemingly lame and useless pursuits in a invisible man who lived thousands of years ago, reading a book that was written by people who were considered crazy and killed because of their beliefs, and prayed to a God who supposedly created all. 
But I don't care if they think I am crazy. I know what is True and Right and Just and Pure. Because He chose me. Because He wanted me to. He put me with my kind of family, my kind of friends, in my kind of home, my kind of environment, for this purpose. I don't know what the future holds, but I know that I have a lot to do, and He will give me the strength and courage to do it all. :)


ellie August 24, 2011 at 6:27 AM  

amen kirstin! great truth and beautiful pictures.

Jenna August 24, 2011 at 7:24 AM  

this was lovely, both the photos and the words. :) thank you so much kirstin! your ambition to follow hard after God inspires me. thank you so much!

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