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Sunday, November 14, 2010

One morning through New York {New England RoadTrip}

On our way to the last destination of our roadtrip, after passing through Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory where I met my true love (mint chocolate cookie something or other. it was AMAZING, and I am sad it is gone), and after visiting a couple forts in that area and crossing a lake on a ferry, we spent the night on the road, literally just stopped alongside with the camper still attached to the car. It was dark, and it was cold, but when we looked up in the sky, you wouldn't believe what I saw. Okay, so I lived in Colorado for 6-7 years, where the elevation was 11000-14000 feet high, right next to the mountains, with a wonderful view of many, many stars. But I did not realize what I was actually missing. The view from the top of New York was one I shall never see again. Thousands of stars just sparkling everywhere. Thousands. It was so beautful, and it was really sad I didn't have the right lens to capture it, which is why I made it my goal to someday purchase the right camera and lenses and travel the world, taking the best pictures I can. =) 
The next morning we got up early, I grabbed a cup of ramen noodles, some hot water and cheese, and crammed back into the car. As we drove, the sun started coming up, and look what I let my breakfast go cold to capture.... =)




It isn't much in pictures, but it was absolutely stunning driving by. I actually made a deal with my dad to stop for one minute to take pics when I wanted, but he said that too late, and we had passed all pretty spots. Oh well. =)


Sophie November 14, 2010 at 9:24 PM  

Ahhh! So gorgeous! Love them all!
Very good shots! =)<3

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