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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

West Point, New York {New England RoadTrip, personal}

Hey there! I am going to begin posting about our trip. =D The first two days of our journey were spent in West Point, New York, where my dad takes his medical students every year. There is an Army Base up there, filled with amazing things. The campground was very cute, and the trees surrounding us were just punching out colors of red, orange and yellow. It was amazing. I was not able to capture the fall colors as I wanted to, so I will not be showing that, but here are a couple pictures of the camping life, and a few from the base. These are not the eye candy pics I was talking about, but as I said, please bear with me, for I will be getting to those very soon! =)

We were ready for the trip. Umbrellas, coats, snacks, and of course, our movies for special parts: What About Bob for Lake Winnipesaukee, and Bruce Almighty for Niagara Falls. =) Family favorites.
Our camper sitting all cozy in the campground. =)

The beautiful fall colors coming out..
And a newly-found talent I seem to have inherited from my dad-softball. x)
We ran into hundreds of these nuts on our entire trip. They just seem to thrive in those upper states. lol
A mushroom. Weird, right?
Inside the lovely Chapel in the Army Base. It was its 100th aniversary, I believe. The stained glass windows were so lovely!
And the practicing choir sounded very nice. :)

Please come back within the week and check for my next post! I promise you will find Massachusatts to be very lovely. =D


Sophie October 6, 2010 at 12:11 PM  

Beautiful pictures!!!!
Sounds like a ton of fun... :D

Ok...side story. I was reading this post in the Germantown Campus library. It was really quiet... but then your music turned on and I had no idea why someone would be playing music in a library. Then after 5 minutes when people started looking...I realized it was the website. :P Haha. It was rather funny.

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