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Friday, September 24, 2010


Hey, all!
 For the past year, I have been asking my dad if he could take us on a trip to see the glorious Niagara Falls up in New York/Canada. To let you know, my wish is coming true!! Tomorrow morning most of my family members and I are leaving with our big camper on a 10-day road trip. We will be going through the New England states, and I am so excited!  It will be pretty crazy living in our trailer for 10 days. I think it is gonna be the longest period of time in that thing on a normal camping trip. I won't be posting for probably almost 2 weeks, but will have lots of beautiful pictures to show you! Erik and I were able to get a film camera, so we plan on getting some shots of the scenery with that. =  So, I will leave you with what I said! Please pray that we find good things to do in the car, as we will be spending roughly 40-72 hours in the car...yikes. haha So, farewell! Have a great weekend!


Elizabeth Kelley September 25, 2010 at 9:54 PM  

Ahh!!! Excitement, and sorry for Jayme that he isn't going to Niagara. Take a gazillion pictures, because it is AWESOME (in every sense of the word), and because I sort of miss it. Don't get the camera wet in the mist, and eat Canadian Smarties. (Seriously; drive across the border, walk into a gift shop, and buy Smarties. Little chocolate candies that put M&Ms down.) Have a blast!

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