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Monday, April 12, 2010

I like

Ta-da!! These are things I really like. Zooey Deschanel's style is totally adorable, the nail polish colors are ones I love, the clothing is stuff I would wear all the time if I could, etc. =)  Yep. And you know what? I am very strange, but I really want a polaroid camera. Not kidding. They are soooooo cool! All you do is buy the camera and the film, snap a shot, and a picture pops out for you! Very simple and cool. =D
So, that upper part was kinda out of the blue, but that is okay. For those of you who know me, that is me, and very expected. =D =D
Anywho, my birthday is in 11 days, and I am totally enjoying the springtime weather. All the different colors of the trees are just driving me crazy. I cannot get pictures of them all!! Aaaah!!! I have a bunch of photoshoots to post, lots of pictures to edit, and more photoshoots that are being booked, so this month will be pretty busy! Cannot wait to get them all up! =) Enjoy your days!


Sarahann Yeh April 13, 2010 at 8:04 AM  

ahh! love all this stuff too!!!!! Where'd u find the pix of the dresses, so cute!

Kirstin Rose April 14, 2010 at 10:19 AM  

Charlotte Russe, ModClothe, and maybe one other. =)

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