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Monday, November 23, 2009

To those who blog

Hey all! Most of you probably have blogs, and may enjoy doing it, but notice how long it takes. I used to spend hours uploading picture after picture, one at a time into each post. During the internship with Kristen Leigh, we learned how to download pictures onto an online website, and then put the code into Blogger. At first I didn't do it because I could not find a way to make all my pictures the right size on the posts. So I didn't bother with that, and kept uploading pictures onto each post one at a time. But then something weird happened, that I am sure you may be facing. Pictures download onto your post messed up. The quality is poor, the picture is torn up and pasted together again in different colors, and just looks awful. And it takes a while. Between one second and an hour, I am assuming (more on the long download time, I'm assuming). I would have to upload each picture around ten times, and Blogger always added spaces between each photo, making me go through and delete them once in a while, or my posts would be huge. I got fed up with this method of posting after a while. I want to tell you how you can fix it so that posting will be easy and fun. =)
Go to Photobucket, and make an account, if you don't already have one. It is free for a certain amount of space, and also amazing!! Good. One step closer to faster posting! =D Now go to your main page, and look at everything. If you have the same kind of main page as I do, you will see your pictures on the bottom half (if you have any on there), and a large blue bar in the middle, that says "Upload Images and Videos". Don't click that yet. It should say "Use CTRL to select multiple files", with "(more options)" next to that. Click on "More Options." Now, depending on how large or small you want your pictures, the sizes you should go for are either small, medium, or large. I use the Large (640-480) one for my pictures. =) Now all you have to do is upload images on Photobucket! If you have lots of pictures, it's faster to use the "Bulk Uploader", and you can do so whenever you want. I haven't figured how to do so and get to see my pics on my account yet, so I don't use that. If you know how to, lmk!! =D
Now that you have pictures of the same size downloaded onto Photobucket, you are ready to start posting them! Go to your main Photobucket page and put your mouse over one picture. Various options should appear below the picture, including a small square box. Do NOT click on the picture itself. Click on the box. If you click on the pic, it goes to that picture only. If you want all the pictures on that page, just go down to the bottom and click "Select all." Go to the far right of that button, and click "Generate HTML and IMG code." When it goes to that page, click the "HTML Images for Ebay, LiveJournal, MySpace, etc." code. Copy everything for that, and go to your New Post on Blogger. At the top of your post options, click "Edit HTML" and paste the code into the blank space. Now click "Compose" and see the results! Your pictures will all be the same size, good quality, and you will have done it in a short amount of time! =D Just remember to try not to spell check your posts if you do that, because it turns the pictures into links (learned that the hard way). So I hope that helps you in the future! =D
Have fun Blogging!! 8D



Jenna November 23, 2009 at 12:53 PM  

Hey, that sounds really great, but there's only one problem. Phototbucket is kinda glitchy. One time I tried using the bulk uploader and I let it run all afternoon and then at the end it had only uploaded one picture and it said something had happened and all the other pictures were lost.

So yeah =/

Allie November 23, 2009 at 5:25 PM  

Jenna... photobucket always works for me...and yeah i like it alot better after i figured out to size them all before i uploaded them :)

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