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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sailing!!!!!!! 8D 8D

On Saturday August 15th, we were invited to go sailing with some friends. We have known them since we moved to Germany over 12 years ago. We woke up at 6 or so, drove for an hour, and got to their house in Virginia by 8, I think. We drove 10 minutes to the Potomac River, and after getting ready, we took off!
(I know he is squinting, but I liked the lighting on this picture of my dad. 8D)

It was so fun! Our driver (the family's dad) would go really fast, then turn into the waves and get the water to splash all over us. It was awesome! I had to hold the camera high above me in order to keep it from getting wet. 8D (If you ever do that, make sure the neck strap is wrapped around your wrist, and check to see that your mom isn't looking so she doesn't freak out. XD)

We could not have picked a more perfect day for sailing. It was beautiful! And the breeze we got while the sailboat was moving felt nice. 8D

Ever seen "What About Bob?" It's an amazing movie. If you haven't, you should! I love it. Anyways, this guy named Bob is really strange. He was invited to go sailing. So it shows the top of the flag, and goes down, and shows...him tied to it. He has a life jacket on, and a big smile. "I'm sailing! I'm a sailor! I'm sailing!!!" was all he could shout to the world as they passed by various people. haha I love it. 8D I sailed! I'm a sailor! 8D

Okay, so while in the main part of the river, we saw some beautiful houses. One of them caught my eye. It was huge, beautiful, and I liked it. 8D In fact, I wanted it for a while. I know it would take forever to clean, and is probably more than a million dollars, but it was still cool. =D

haha It's my 'dream' house. X) Get it? B&W, blur.....never mind. 8D

Look at the stunning blues of the sky!! It was GORGEOUS! And the water did an amazing job at reflecting it. :)

Some beautiful waves made by the boat.

There are clouds in the water!!! XD =D
I thought this was a cute little yellow house. =)

And the ripples were pretty here.

And finally, a glimpse of what was below. =) Why I put a picture of our legs and feet on here, I do not know. 8D XD
Oh, it was such a blast! We got wet, sun burned, saw beautiful things, and had a great time. =D 8D


Elizabeth Kelley September 2, 2009 at 10:51 AM  

"I'm sailing!" Totally forgot about that part. :-D
That house... wow. Too big for me to possibly live in (unless it was more castle-like or I had a gazillion kids.) It sort of reminds me of Pemberly, for some weird reason.

R.G. September 5, 2009 at 3:43 PM  

"Sailing sailing over the bounding waves..."

This is awesome1 Love the house =)

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