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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photoshoot on Monday!!!

Okay, so after spending most of the week choosing photos from the 1,3__ photos I got from the photoshoot on Monday with a group of girls, I finally edited them and put them onto this post (oh man, it took hours to get everything on and erase all the strange spaces that kept appearing between the photos). Sorry there are a lot of them, but I wanted to show you!! 8D And as you can see, I uh, took advantage of the b&w (black and white) and sepia options. 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D It's just that some of the photos just sorta 'belonged' in the color setting. 8)

A very small cloud compared to the other ones...
And a couple drops from the rain...

so we needed umbrellas to keep the cameras from getting wet...
...and we put them into this basket when we were done. 8)
Just a plant I found along the field we were in...
This is totally one of my favorite pictures ever. 8D

Okay, so I kept trying to get this one photo on without it breaking up, turning different colors, and pasting back together in strange ways. It never came out right, so I am just leaving it like it is. lol

Amy and I both took pictures of each other like this. I love it!

That weird picture thing happened again with the other 2 of Amy and Jenna, but I got these 2!

Now the next section is of Allie. I love these!

Allie's boots...

Whenever I see this, I think of Sleeping Beauty. 8)

This is totally one of my favorites of Allie!!
Swirling her hair!!
These next 2 are ones I loooooove as well!
Isn't Allie so pretty? I think she's gorgeous!!

The next pics are of Abby. 8)

I really really like this one. 8D
Abby is just so pretty!

Setting up her camera to get pics of the girls on the ground. 8)
Ha ha Thought this would be a cute picture. I made it sepia, and added film grain effect. 8D

The next ones are of Amy, our hostess. She was so fun to take pics of!

And she is so pretty! 8)

I had her spin her head quickly and I got this blur at the ends of her hair. 8)
I really really really like this one of her!! 8D
And these ones are of Jenna. I like this one. I added sepia and film grain to make it look old-fashioned.

Isn't Jenna beautiful!?!?

I really like how these 2 look...

And these ones show her gorgeous eyes!
Part of a tiny creek...
Where we took pics of Jenna and Amy jumping. 8)
This is Amy's adorable dog!
Ha ha And these last ones are of all the girls in group photos. I was just 'clicking away' while they did random poses and things. X)

Hee hee Kristen Leigh did this in a photoshoot, and I decided to try it, too. 8)
Normal faces...
"Akward" faces...
...and faces of when some invisible person proposes. 8D 8D 8D

Pic of them taking pics of me. 8D
These next black and white ones are of the girls goofing off. I honestly have no idea what they were doing, I just took the pictures! 8D lol
Allie is the funniest!! 8D 8D 8D

I love these last 2 pics. They say so much...

By now I think you probably know that I am kinda indecisive, and like LOTS of pictures, so that's kinda why this post was really long. Sorry it's so long. 8D 8D
And thanks for looking!!


Anonymous April 11, 2009 at 3:17 PM  

Aww so cute! Now I want to do a photoshoot with you =)

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