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Friday, January 14, 2011


Today is Amy's birthday. Although friends and family are celebrating it, she is not. Almost one month ago my dear, dear friend Amy suffered from a hemorrhage in her brain, and has been in the hospital since then. New things come up all the time, including filters and processes for various treatments.  Amy is one of those girls who stands out from the normal crowd, in that she pursues God with her whole heart, all the time. Not just in the mornings during devotion or at church. No, she thinks of him with a smile on her face the entire day, praying for all she knows, encouraging those in trials (and those who do now know they need it), and she has fun no matter what. This girl knows so many people and has touched so many lives by her amazing influence on us, in how she treats everyone, that people around the world, including churches in Europe and Asia, are hearing of what happened, and she is constantly in everyone's prayers. She has had so many visitors in the past month, that the nurses can immediately point to her room when you walk in. :)  I would like to ask you if you could pray for her. Remember that all things happen for a reason, that we are never tested beyond what we can handle, and everything and everyone, are in God's hands, including this beautiful young lady. Please pray that she would heal quickly, that these processes would run smoothly, and that we might get back into conversations with her very soon. For conversations with Amy are very, very wonderful. :) 
Amy would remind all of us to trust the Lord in this trial. :) 


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