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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Okay, I know this is late, and you guys probably won't read it in time, but I am getting my four wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning at 9:45. Since all of the teeth are under my gums, they are gonna have to cut and drill them out of my mouth, putting me on laughing gas and sticking an i.v. tube (the doctor made sure I was clear on the fact that it is a tube, not a needle, but it makes no difference. It sticks in my arm. lol) into my arm with pain meds going through. So if you read this in time for the surgery, can you pray that it goes well and that I am at peace? If it is after I have had it, can you pray that I recover quickly and without much pain? Thank you all soooooo much! You are all amazing friends. 8D

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