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Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun at Worthy09

I am making two posts about Worthy09 since I have tons of pictures I want to show you. This one is on the fun stuff. (not that the other stuff was not fun)
I had a mini photoshoot with Jenna one morning after breakfast at the little lighthouse.

This girl is so beautiful, both inside and out, and she is such a great model. She knows what you want, and is quick and eager to do new things for you.

There were some ducks sitting on the water, and I thought they should earn a place in this post. I love how these photos turned out. :)

At night time before the message, we would do dares and fun games making people do crazy things in front of everyone to earn points for their team. Some games included eating spam, peeling oranges with your mouth only (and it looking like an orange), saying tongue twisters once without messing up (and being timed), singing a song and making it sound good (I think...people were doing the weirdest things when they were singing), covering your sib's face with marshmallow cream and throwing mini marshmallows at him/her, trying to get the marshmallows to stick, etc. It was so funny to watch! 8D

(does this pose Kevin is in remind you of Phantom of the Opera by any chance?)

On Tuesday and Wednesday we played games in the fields.
In this one you try to keep balls off of your side. Impossible. X)

Capture the Flag "No Man's Land"

Games where you run across a tarp covered in water and bubbles trying to move an empty soap jug without getting hit by balls thrown on both sides...

Yeah, everyone had tons of fun. The last game was a relay race where ten people from each team got in a blow-up pool full of muddy water to find a coin (which no one found), get into a pool full of water, then roll across a tarp of flour. Some of them (Sam was trying to hug Evan) ran around trying to hug members of the Admin team--singles who ran the games and put everything together--while they were covered with the flour and mud. I wish I had been there to take pictures of all of that, but I went inside since it was hot and humid. I wasn't going to wait outside for an hour till that game started, and now I regret not waiting. But Ellie took pictures of it, so check it out! 8D 8D
Jenna was giving me a pose. XD

Hannah, looking lovely. 8D

Amy B got this picture of me. 8) I loved my hair in that one. 8D

And this these beautiful girls let me get some shots of them the last day on the dock (the sad thing was, it was REALLY windy during that time, so our hair was blowing everywhere lol).
This is Amy B


Amy and Abby (did I spell her name right?)

Before the Ministry night meeting, Bekah found the old skin of a certain insect I don't like, and put it on her shoulder.

Haha And last but not least, pranks. Several pranks occurred. Jayme braided Kevin's hair (we got videos!!! 8D), we sang happy birthday to Brewer even though it wasn't his birthday (then we found out that it WAS Kristen's birthday-happy birthday Kristen!), and someone specific (not going to mention his name) was kicked out into the hall (and locked out) during curfew because he was sing one of Miley's songs, so someone bought these and decorated his door...X) Soooooo funny! 8D 8D
Anyways, it was a blast! My next post is going to have the important stuff. 8) Check my blog soon!! 8D


Allie August 22, 2009 at 9:53 AM  

Hahahhahaaa oh my gosh! i hadn't seen his door, that is amazingggggg :D hahaaaaa

R.G. August 22, 2009 at 1:02 PM  

AWESOME! looks like it was soo much fun. haha. Sean bosdosh and miley cyrus.... Love the pictures!

Jenna August 22, 2009 at 2:34 PM  

haha i didn't see the door! that's awesome!! hahahah :D

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